New release: v1.4

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New release: v1.4

Postby axanthos » Sat Jan 25, 2014 12:42 pm

Orange Textable v1.4 has just been released on PyPI:

The main change in this important update is that all parameters of Orange Textable widgets can finally be correctly saved and restored. This new development has been funded by the University of Lausanne's Teaching innovation fund (, and carried on by the fine people that are behind Orange Canvas itself (in particular Blaž Zupan and Aleš Erjavec from University of Ljubljana’s Biolab) in collaboration with LangTech Sàrl.

The online documentation has also been considerably expanded, thanks to financial support from the University of Lausanne's Faculty of Arts and to the translation work of Corinne Morey and Aris Xanthos.

A couple of nasty bugs have also been fixed, hopefully without introducing too many new ones--please do report those you encounter, if any, so we can keep increasing Orange Textable's quality.

A detailed list of changes in this version can be found below. In case of problems after installing this update, please try to reinstall Orange Canvas and say "No" to the installer's question about "keeping existing settings" (which may not always be compatible with this new release).

Detailed list of changes in v1.4
  • Context-dependent settings are now properly handled, making it possible to save all parameters of Orange-Textable widgets.
  • Widget Display now has a distinction between advanced and basic settings.
  • A new normalization mode has been added to the LTTL.Table class and the Convert widget, namely "(independence) quotients".
  • Fixed a bug in Text Files widget that resulted in data not being always correctly sent to other widgets.
  • Fixed a bug in that prevented conditional import if xml elements depending on their attribute values using widget Extract XML; also changed this widget's default value for option "Remove markup" to True.
  • Enabled the selection of a larger number of subsamples in widget Variety (up to 10'000).
  • Fixed a bug that led to redundant calculations in most widgets.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented widget Intersect to operate on annotation values of the "source" segmentation.
  • Added missing tooltips, corrected some existing ones, and added more details in others; also slightly changed a few widgets' description.
  • Considerably expanded the online documentation (detailed installation instruction are given for PC and MacOS X; section Getting Started is now complete, including subsection Annotations; widgets Text Field, Text Files, URLs, and Preprocess have a documentation page accessible from within the Canvas, via their instances' contextual menu).
  • User Guide (in French) has been updated.

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