New release: v.1.4.2

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New release: v.1.4.2

Postby axanthos » Mon Mar 31, 2014 9:46 am

Orange Textable v1.4.2 has just been released on PyPI:

This minor update mostly fixes a bug that prevented Extract XML to send any data to output. The Convert widget also features a new normalization mode called "presence-absence" (whereby counts greater than 1 in a pivot table are converted to 1).

A few other bugs have also been fixed, hopefully without introducing too many new ones--please do report those you encounter, if any, so we can keep increasing Orange Textable's quality.

A detailed list of changes in this version can be found below. In case of problems after installing this update, please try to reinstall Orange Canvas and say "No" to the installer's question about "keeping existing settings" (which may not always be compatible with this new release).

Detailed list of changes in v1.4.2
  • Fixed a bug preventing Extract XML widget to send any data to output.
  • Fixed a bug preventing Select widget to properly handle conditions
    bearing on missing annotation keys.
  • Fixed a minor bug lurking in the Table class.
  • Added a new 'presence-absence' mode of normalization for pivot tables
    in Convert widget.
  • Minor updates to the documentation.

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